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Time For Us To Stop, Reflect, Learn & Grow

In this blog post, we ask ourselves rhetorically, are the wheels falling off?

For the last few years, we’ve been busy grinding away in our office.

And we’ve been busy putting our clients first.

Now it’s time for us to stop, reflect, learn and grow.

For us to give our best we need to be our best.

After all, that’s why our clients choose us right?

To achieve this we’re getting intentional about our purpose.

It starts by peeling back the layers and tapping into our inner greatness and collective motivations as a team.

Through this journey, we’re revealing the heart of MoMac and the true essence that gives reasoning and words to why we show up every day.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been quietly working on this with guidance from our mentor and coach Kate.

This starts to form the building blocks and foundation as we prepare for our next phase of growth.

So far it’s been a humbling experience getting out of our comfort zone and moving into the learning zone and then into our ‘Growth’ phase.

Nerves of excitement as we develop MoMac into a vehicle that communicates creativity, inspiration and innovation.