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Videography Services

Have we mentioned how much we love making videos? It’s why we set up MoMac in the first place! MoMac is a Rangiora and Christchurch production agency, and our super-creative videography department can help you plan, prepare, and execute high-quality professional business videos that showcase your brand in the best possible light (literally). Not only do we have the latest equipment at our disposal, but we also have the know-how to offer exceptional business videography and video production across various industries. So, whether you need a short snippet for social media, drone videography to take your audience on a journey or video advertising to utilize over a range of mediums, our friendly team of videographers and video editors are ready to start shooting. Not only do we work with businesses in North Canterbury, but we also offer our aerial videography and event videography services to businesses throughout Canterbury.

Building, Trades & Construction

With years of experience working with building and construction companies throughout Canterbury, our videographers have the knowledge and expertise needed to showcase your hard work through expert videography and editing to produce cutting-edge video marketing for your business.

Sports, Recreation & Motorsport

Shooting sports is no easy feat, especially when there is speed involved, but at MoMac, it’s all in a day’s work for our amazing motorsport videographers and sports videographers. Motorsport, sports, and recreation videography are all about capturing the subject, which is why we employ the best of the best.

Businesses, Brands & Organisations

Providing high-quality and interesting video production and video marketing for business is our bread and butter – in fact, it’s how we got started all those years ago. Over the years our business videographers have worked with heaps of local and national brands, businesses and organisations to produce cutting-edge video marketing.

Festivals & Events

Experience the magic of your event over and over again through event videography. From festival videography through to concerts, productions, and presentations, at MoMac we’ve got you covered.

Architectural Projects & Homes

Boost your selling power with modern video, with a little help from MoMac’s experienced team of architectural videographers. Wow potential buyers and clients with stunning videography that showcases the most important features of your property.

Event Live Streaming

If you plan on showcasing your event or business as it happens, contact us today to discuss our live stream services. Increasing in popularity, live video streaming is a way to connect with your audience in real time.

How Much Do MoMac Videos Cost?

Marketing video pricing is relatively straight forward – Our video production pricing is charged by the hour and we can always give video costs and approximations before starting new video projects! Our video editing cost and charge are also an hourly rate and we can give accurate estimations for what’s involved in your project before starting. This ensures there are no hidden costs or unexpected costs on the completion of your content marketing video. More complex marketing video campaigns can be a little more time consuming so it always pays to discuss your ideas through an initial consultation where video costs can be clearly explained.



Need a specialist video completed for your business, brand, or project? A MoMac Videographer obtains specialised skills and equipment to capture high-definition video ready for editing.

Content Creator


A MoMac content creator produces both video and photos suitable for online platforms! Our content creators have an eye for creativity and storytelling and are ready to capture your project today!

Video Editing


Our talented video editors are also our videographers which means they understand raw video, how it should be shot and how this should be put together. We use the best software available to produce videos of high quality!

Marketing Videos


Need to tell your story but not sure where to start? When you meet with our creative team you will discuss your vision and ideas. With our expertise and experience, we’ll guide you through a step-by-step process to bring your vision to life!

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