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Do you need help deciphering your Instabook from your FaceTweet? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Social media and digital marketing are an essential part of your online presence and can make or break your business – which is why it’s important to get it right. However, it can be a little confusing at times, which is why a lot of businesses hire a social media marketing agency like MoMac to take care of all the nitty-gritty details.

Whether you’re new to the whole world of social media, or you have a clear channel strategy but need help with the actual execution, MoMac’s Social Media team can help you achieve your (online) social goals.

Page & Account Creation

Social Media Graphics

Digital Health Checks

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Page & Account Creation

From setting up social media accounts, channels, and pages to creating memorable and successful Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, our social whiz kids can do it all. Our social media managers can also help you with the ongoing management of your social media accounts, freeing you up to concentrate on other aspects of your business. We can set up Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google Business accounts for your business. See some examples of accounts we’ve set up below.




Social Media Graphics

MoMac’s digital marketing department works with a large number of businesses of all shapes, sizes and purposes not only here in Rangiora but also in Christchurch and the wider North Canterbury area. We have provided these companies with top quality graphics supporting a look of professionalism throughout their brand. See our examples below.

Providing Digital Health Checks For A Range Of Social Platforms

Don’t have time to manage your businesses social media profiles? No problem! Outsourcing your social media management ensures you have relevant and on-brand content posted regularly that builds brand awareness and engages your followers. MoMac can also create highly targeted social media advertising to reach your target audience. We drive targeted traffic to your website, collect leads, grow your page likes and followers and so much more!

Our team of social media experts have over a decade of experience and can take your business to the next level!

Google Business






Social Media Advertising

Whether you’re looking into advertising your business with Google Ads or boosting brand awareness with a Facebook ad, we’re here to help! From ad conception to targeting the right audience, our team of social marketers have the know how to get your social media advertising sorted.

Grow Brand Awareness

Spread the word, YOU are the up and coming business in town! An incredibly important factor in running any business is creating brand awareness. Social media ads can not only build this, but create a lasting impression bringing in loyal customers along the way.

Generate Leads

With every man and his dog on social media these days, advertsising on these platforms can be the perfect solution to generating leads for your business. We can even create ads focused on lead generation through the powerful tools of Facebook and Linkedin.

Low Cost Advertising

So how much do social media ads cost? In comparison to other advertising options, social media ads can be a cost effective advertising solution for your business with just as little as $20 a day getting you an audience and potential leads.

Follow Us

We are SO excited to share the official trailer for our biggest passion project to date; Liam Lawson, Rodin FZED Unleashed! An entirely self-funded, exclusive documentary and film that has been nearly 2 years in the making 😅💥!

Make sure to tune in to the full documentary which premieres exclusively Sunday 12th November at 8.00 pm on our MoMac YouTube channel 🎬

This documentary takes you behind the scenes on the 2022 @rodincarsofficial FZED summer tour while exploring and uncovering @liamlawson30 early story to global success.

The exclusive interviews will give you a new perspective and appreciation for the boy with a dream from Pukekohe who would one day become a Formula One driver.

Make sure to pencil this in, it`s going to be epic! 🙌

#MoMac #CreativeAgency #VideoProduction #LiamLawson

We had the pleasure of livestreaming this year`s Resilience Breakfast for @WaghornBuilders 💛

Here`s a sneak peek behind the scenes with the live-stream gear 👀

We`re in the process of creating a highlights video to benefit anyone who couldn`t make this important kōrero or if you just want to rewatch! 🔜

#MoMac #ResilienceBreakfast #MentalHealth

What a fantastic day we had at our spring work doo! 🌼 The fun-filled adventure kicked off in Christchurch as our trusty van (The Venga Bus) made its rounds, picking up the team 🚐

First stop: House of Ball in Waipara! 🍷 We indulged in some wine tasting straight from the barrel and then were treated to canapés, setting the perfect mood for the afternoon ahead.

Then it was off to @BlackEstate where we were treated to an incredible lunch! 🍽️ Ceviche, lamb and venison and of course, wine to match – because why not?!🍷

Our final stop was @BrewMoonBrewingCo in Amberley, where we had a blast exploring their selection of brews🍻

But the icing on the cake? We flew Javi down from Auckland to join us in person! ✈️ It was awesome having our entire team together to share this unforgettable experience.

A huge shoutout to our fantastic team for making it even more memorable. Here`s to more adventures and good times ahead! 🥂

#MoMac #CreativeAgency #CheersToUs

We’ve loved documenting and capturing this footage over the years for @rodincarsofficial and @liamlawson30 🏎

Creating this epic montage piece to celebrate Liam’s F1 success for the team at Rodin is the icing on the cake 🙌🎂

#MoMac #CreativeAgency #RodinCars #LiamLawson #Formula1

We went live with a pretty big website for @wilsonstrafficmanagement 🦺

This 14 page build showcases services, career options, training information and the ability to book or renew training and qualifications 👷‍♀️🗓️

Our web design and web development team have the skills to take on any website, any size 💪

#MoMac #CreativeAgency #WebDesign #WebDevelopment

We loved working on this site for Flow Tiling; serene, professional and elegant 🌊

This fully responsive website features services offered and a portfolio page where potential clients can see examples of previous work 📐

To top it off, our Graphic Design team created a beautiful new logo ✍️

#MoMac #CreativeAgency #WebDesign #GraphicDesign

We`ve rolled out some pretty slick websites this year! 💙

@albatreeschch went live with a ten page site which we optimised for SEO 🖥️

We absolutely love bringing client`s businesses to life online!

#MoMac #CreativeAgency #WebDesign #WebDevelopment

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