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Supporting Our Local Gym

Revealing Our Bold New Look at the Rangiora Fitness Centre!

We are so excited to share a recent win for our graphic design team – a massive wall design for the Rangiora Fitness Centre! This project is a vibrant showcase of our new branding, complete with our new slogan: “Be Bold. Be Curious. Be Rebellious.”

Recently, our team took a trip to the gym to see our design in its full glory, and we couldn’t be prouder of the finished look. Seeing our work up on the wall, larger than life, was a testament to our team’s hard work and creativity.

The design itself is a burst of our bold brand colours to match the gym’s energetic style! However, this design is more than just visual; it symbolises our creativity at MoMac (as well as pushing industry boundaries). As a young, fun, creative, and passionate bunch, we strive to make our work reflect who we are.

Check out the snaps of our team proudly checking out their design!