What Is MoMac

MoMac provides cost effective marketing solutions by helping you create a story to showcase your brand using video. It doesn’t stop there, we guide you through the entire process and show you ways on how to maximise your reach and exposure with the video we have created specially for you.

MoMac About

About MoMac

MoMac is a creative start up that is led and directed by Ryan McDonald.

I have been creating film and posting these on social media since 2011, originally filming skating, surfing and adventure. This quickly evolved from a hobby into a passion. Having traveled to places such as Fiji, Cook Island, Thailand, India, Canada and the Philippines pushed the creative film process to the next level including engaging and capturing the attention of users on social media.

In 2017 whilst on a family holiday in Queensland, Australia the idea came that I could utilise these unique skills to showcase businesses and organisations in a way that is innovative, creative and unique. Ultimately capturing peoples attention and engaging them through the power of visual media.

Following a trial stage of producing films for a select group of diverse businesses, the test marketing proved a huge success. MoMac then transitioned into an operating business now known as MoMac Socialising Media Ltd.

Now having completed our first year in business we have worked with a variety of different brands and businesses creating content with both video and photo! We have been managing different social media accounts and have created over a dozen websites! Our client base is diverse and we love seeing the results from our work.

MoMac Mission, Aim And Vision

Our Mission at MoMac is to provide every business the opportunity to display and promote themselves in a way that was once reserved for the big corporates due to the cost of big, expensive production teams and the high cost of a displaying visual media on television.

Our Aim is to constantly be the leaders in creativity, innovation and execution when it comes to working alongside our clients to produce a standard of work we can all be proud of, and delivers results.

Our Vision is to be the leaders in Social Media Marketing in New Zealand, creating powerful and engaging content. We want to expand into Social Media Management, The creation of websites and be the ‘go to team’ that can help your business grow in a way that is achievable, sustainable and reliable.

We want to give everyone the feeling that you are working with a motivated and humble team where our top priority is our customers satisfaction.

Our only rules we have in our office when it comes to Marketing are “There Are No Rules” and “Be The Best”.

Our Clients