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MainPower Stadium Gym Session

Teams That Train Together, Stay Together 💪

It’s a cool winter morning and the day before Matariki. the MoMac team embraced a refreshing change from our usual morning routine by stepping out of the office and into the MainPower Stadium in Rangiora. Led by Coach Ricki, we took on a workout designed to push our mental and physical limits, all while fostering teamwork and strengthening our team culture.

The session included a series of team-based exercise challenges that tested our teamwork, strength, cardio, and coordination – finishing up with restorative breathing exercises that left us feeling revitalised. This was a first for our team, and it proved to be the perfect way to boost our energy before diving into the day’s office tasks.

A huge thank you to Ricki and the MainPower Stadium team for an outstanding session, even if it did lead to a few “passionate” moments 🤮

At MoMac we’re committed to driving our team culture with a people-first mindset! We understand we don’t always get it right, but what we do well is try, and that’s what counts at the end of the day.

We look forward to returning for Challenge #2. Stay Tuned!