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Bringing The MoMac Community Together For A Well Deserved Celebration

Friends, family and community, that’s what it’s all about. The MoMac open night showcased this with an incredible turnout at our HQ bringing together the awesome community that made MoMac what it is today.
On the 16th of September we opened our doors celebrating our final office renovation completion – our new studio. From enough food for an army to a speech that answered all our questions from founder Ryan, the night was one to remember for all.
A huge thank you to all who came out from far and wide to celebrate this special occasion. You helped make MoMac what it is today and we couldn’t be prouder of our journey so far. Onto new horizons for MoMac as we continue to grow our team and client connections. We look forward to what the future holds…
Location – 12 Blake Street, Rangiora
Photos by the MoMac community, story by Jasmine Luck (Graphic Designer)