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A Blast from the Past

Recently, the team at MoMac HQ had a surprise visitor who shed some light on the history of our office building. Clarry Jackson, the original builder of our office, stopped by to introduce himself and share his memories of the building’s construction in the 1950s.

As we gave Clarry a tour of the office, he was delighted to see that the building he had constructed all those years ago was still standing strong. He expressed a sense of pride in the workmanship he had put into the building, and was happy to see that it hadn’t gone to waste.

It was an honour for us to show Clarry the great work and renovations we’ve done with the building, and to have him back at MoMac HQ in Rangiora. The visit helped us to further appreciate the history and craftsmanship that went into our office space.

At MoMac, we’re a creative agency that values both tradition and progress. We’re grateful for the opportunity to learn about the past and carry it forward as we continue to create and innovate.