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Liam Lawson Rodin FZED Unleashed - Official documentary out now

Nearly two years in the making, the documentary by filmmaker Ryan McDonald from MoMac was filmed in early 2022 and is a feature film that can be viewed exclusively on MoMac’s YouTube channel. The documentary follows Lawson as he attempts to become the fastest-ever racer at both the Highlands and Ruapuna race circuits in the Rodin FZED.

“The motorsport documentary is a unique story about New Zealand’s hottest new racing driver, and a New Zealand built car set to take on the world.

“As a passion project, I’ve fully funded all of the production so it’s been a labour of love between our usual video workload and client commitments at MoMac.

“At the time of hearing this event was coming together I knew this could potentially be the last time something like this could happen in New Zealand with both Liam’s international racing commitments, his growing fame and the pure logistics of getting the Rodin FZED on track for the public. The project was pretty unique and special,” added McDonald.

Rodin Cars has been a major sponsor of the Kiwi superstar driver and the film showcases Lawson driving the FZED in demonstration runs at two of the country’s best race tracks.

“The reaction from the public was overwhelming as the FZED screamed at full noise around two iconic tracks in the South Island, and to capture this exclusively was pretty special.”

MoMac has been associated with Lawson through managing his online presence, developing and maintaining his official website and managing some of his social media.

“The Liam Lawson Rodin FZED Unleashed documentary is a timeless piece that will preserve history for New Zealand motorsport, Liam and Rodin Cars,” added McDonald.

“The best we can ask is for people to watch and share the documentary and help get the word out so more people can see this special New Zealand story.”

Lawson is currently the Oracle Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri Formula 1 teams reserve driver and recently had a five race stint standing in for the injured Daniel Ricciardo.

Watch the full documentary below on the MoMac YouTube channel.