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A weekend exploring the beautiful Kaikoura

Nothing like exploring your own backyard!! This weekend we shot to Kaikoura for the night, not only did we score the weather perfect we had a great time playing tourist and enjoying many of the activities Kaikoura has to offer! Asides from food and accommodation most of this costs next to nothing – If you’re interested here’s how our short Kaikoura trip played out and some of the great spots and locations we checked out.

1. Lemontree Lodge B&B – Accommodation
2. Kaikoura peninsula walkway
3. Sunset beers with a view
4. Strawberry Tree Kaikoura – Craft beer, dinner, rugby and live music.


5. Morning Coffee/Beach – SlamClub
6. Lavendyl Lavender – Kaikoura
7. Ohau Seal lookout
8. Kaikoura Coopers Catch Fish & Chips for lunch РBlue Cod РFish burger, scallops, battered blue cod and chips.

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