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SailGP - Exciting Racing, Flawless Management, and Positive Impact on the Christchurch Region

What an incredible day it was spectating the SailGP in Lyttelton, Christchurch! As spectators, we can’t recommend it enough. The event was flawlessly managed, and the venue was fantastic, with delicious food, drinks, and entertainment for all.

The racing was thrilling, with strategies, tactics, and courage on display that left us on the edge of our seats. It was a fantastic spectacle that showcased the sport’s excitement and skill. Well done to the second-place team, New Zealand, for making the country proud and attracting new fans to the sport.

A huge congratulations to the winning team, Canada, for their outstanding performance in the final battle. And a big thanks to the organisers and sponsors for bringing this world-class event to Ōtautahi, New Zealand.

Events like this are great for communities, cities, and tourism, bringing in visitors from all over the world and showcasing the region’s natural beauty and culture. They also provide an economic boost for local businesses creating job opportunities and driving growth.

We certainly can’t wait for the next Sail GP! Well done to the event organisers and sponsors who made this great event possible including Ryan Mcdonald our Creative Director, who captured some incredible shots to share on our socials and website.