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Broadhurst Builders

Broadhurst Builders offer custom-designed homes in Canterbury. Since we first started working with Max and the Broadhurst Builders team we’ve produced over 20 videos and a range of photography content. Working together over the years we have built a strong relationship and continued to provide quality content. As always we’re very grateful to be able to produce consistent work at a high standard for our clients!

Alongside the wide range of content we’ve produced, the Broadhurst Builders website is another quality feature designed in-house by our team. With a luxurious design and inviting presence, users are directed through the core values and high-quality builds of Broadhurst Builders. The interactive contact form then allows users to get in touch, beginning their build journey with Broadhurst Builders.

Continuing on from the website design, our graphic team then began visually refining the outdated Broadhurst Builders E-Book designs, bringing in the new brand and imagery to produce an all-new informative and sophisticated layout.

The resulting brand is an online presence that is sure to impress potential customers. It has been a pleasure helping to bring new life into the Broadhurst brand and to showcase what they are all about.

Website design and development for Broadhurst Builders by MoMac Christchurch creative agency

Building In The Canterbury Area E-Book Design

Building on Lifestyle Blocks E-Book Design

Interior Selections - Silver Range E-Book Design

Interior Selections - Gold Range E-Book Design

The 7 Things You Must Know E-Book Design

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Awesome work you did for Broadhurst Builders. MoMac have done an excellent job for Max and his team and including his family which it really makes it a family Business not just a business but a family one and it highlights everything about the whole business so good to share.

Kirk Watts - Broadhurst Builders

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