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Building Our
Dream HQ.

This video series documents our journey and growth from operating out of a living room into a professional and dedicated workspace in the heart of Rangiora, The MoMac HQ!

Interior Gut Out

Episode 1

In episode 1 we make a start on the MoMac HQ renovations! We have a chat with Max about the details of the interior gut out process and removing the old concrete chimney from the center of our new office.

Carpark & Fence

Episode 2

Episode 2 nears the completion of the front carpark to our office and we have a nice private area with our new fence. We also take a look inside which is now opened up into a large area and will become our main office.

Office Lined

Episode 3

On a stunner North Canterbury day the office starts coming together in episode 3 as insulation and Gib are added to the walls. We take a quick walk from the town centre to MoMac HQ to see the new changes.

Feature Wall

Episode 4

As our exposed plywood feature wall is installed the final touches start to give an idea of what the final office space will look like. Next step painting!

Electrical Complete

Episode 5

A shiny coat of paint can make a world of difference! Our main office now has a fresh coat of paint and varnish alongside the completion of electrical fit off including lights and wall outlets.

Office Complete

Episode 6

We move into our new office! Episode 6 shows the addition of signage to the exterior and finishing touches. A big thank you to the whole team for your hard work on this epic space!

Video Editing Room

Episode 7

As our team grows it is time to tackle the video editing room! This renovation provides a quiet space for our video editors to focus on what they do best. From gut out to completion this video is a great behind the scenes on our next step in the MoMac HQ.

The New Studio

Episode 8

At last, our final major reno at our creative HQ is complete! It’s been quite the journey since we moved into this old house that we have since converted into a fully dedicated creative workspace.

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