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What am I paying for when contracting MoMac to make me a video?

When contracting MoMac to make a video for your brand, you are paying for an edited video for
lifetime use and display online and sharing across social platforms. Videos can’t be manipulated nor
distributed without written consent from MoMac. All videos will have the MoMac logo displayed at
the end unless you request removal, which will incur additional rates.

Payment, Deposits and Cancellations

  1. Safety deposit is non refundable once filming has commenced.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the proof edit, you are not required to pay the remaining balance. However, any raw or edited footage will remain in the custody of MoMac and cannot be used for individual use.
  3. Sufficient warning of 2 working days minimum is required to change scheduled day(s) of filming. Failure to do so may result in a $200 + GST penalty fee due to potential loss of income.

Filming, Travel and Weather

  1. Time allocated for filming starts at first film location and finishes at final film location, all travel in between is inclusive of this and travel is not charged separately unless outside of agreed parameters.
  2. Severe weather – including rain – warrants postponing for day of filming. Cloudy days are not considered severe weather and will proceed as planned.
  3. If any additional filming is required by the client, a charge of $120 + GST per hour will be incurred (minimum one hour charge per call out).
  4. If specific safety gear is required this is to be discussed in planning stages and before safety deposit is paid.

Editing Of Video

  1. Standard completed edit length is up to one minute long. If additional edited time is required this is to be discussed and additional costs may apply.
  2. MoMac will supply one hour of complimentary editing for any client requesting changes after the initial proof edit(s) are supplied. Any further changes required by the client will have an additional fee of $90 + GST per hour of editing (minimum one hour).
  3. MoMac will never use any raw footage that has your business name, faces or voices for the purposes of another project without written approval.
  4. MoMac Logo will be displayed at the end of all videos for a period no longer then 2 seconds. The removal of the MoMac logo cost is $1000 + GST

Ownership Of Media And Music Copyright

  1. Music is licensed to MoMac Socialising Media Ltd (Artlist License Number – 346189) should you have any concerns with uploading due to music copyright please contact Ryan directly so this can be rectified immediately.
  2. Should we choose to use music that is not in the Musicbed or Artlist library you must understand that this is done at your own risk and may incur a copyright breach. (Muting of video)
  3. All work produced by MoMac is owned by MoMac due to copyright licensing, including all raw video and audio footage (meaning you can’t on sell, manipulate or modify works provided).

Use of Video

  1. The Client and business has lifetime use of the video on any platform they may wish to display it on.
  2. MoMac has the right to display your video on our various platforms to cross promote – for example the MoMac Facebook page, Website, Instagram and YouTube Channel. (This also allows for more exposure for your business, descriptions will explain working together and a brief description of your business with links through to your page or website).
  3. MoMac will always write up positive and honest but not misleading posts regarding your business and video.
  4. Once your final edit has been delivered you are not able to chop, change or manipulate footage without written consent from MoMac

Confidentiality and General Information

  1. MoMac is not contracted exclusively to any business or brand, meaning we may work with your competition. We will always keep your affairs confidential and will never disclose your campaign before it is launched
  2. MoMac will never lawfully defame your brand or business in a way that would cause damage using the footage we have collected.
  3. MoMac will never portray your business in a way that shows unsafe practices or an environment that may cause harm. (All edits are to be approved by client before release).
  4. Some general statistical information may be shared amongst clients to ensure everyone has the latest information available and the best competitive edge.
  5. Concepts for video and marketing discussed are also to be kept confidential between client and MoMac.

Contract Between MoMac Socialising Media Ltd And Client

Today’s date: 1st July 2022


Version: REV2.1